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Dreams (other mental states)

A question from the Post-Film Writing after the re-watch of Vertigo is related to the way the filmmakers showed dreams, primarily through color, but also by using devices like animation. What are other good examples of similar devices in other films? How else have you seen filmmakers visually signify dreams or altered mental states?

Theory questions: mise-en-scene, the shot, the frame

Next R (5/3), I want to spend time in our discussion reviewing our key theoretical concepts. Do you have questions or things you would like me to include in that review? In future weeks, I will ask for more wide-ranging film questions, but for this class meeting I want to focus on our core concepts. Get your suggestions in by noon on Wednesday (3/2) if you want me to include them in class.

Notes for re-watch of Vertigo

Here are topics I have distilled from my notes and from your Post-Film Writing:

Directly related to the representation of time, space and memory:

  • Camera movement
  • Objects (props)
  • People (costume [hair & makeup] action & performance)
  • Places (setting, decor)
  • Framing (space, staging)
  • Color (dreams & memory)
  • Editing (connections between images)

But also:

  • Sound (music) & m-e-s
  • Light and shadow
  • Shot length